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Neighborhood Hubs

Jun 22, 2022 12:00 pm AEST

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Many cities and regions in Europe are dealing with increasing levels of urbanization due to population and economic growth, demanding for more urban densification through urban developments. With 17 million people and a population density of 488 people per km2, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country of the European Union and one of the mostly densely populated countries in the world. Still the housing market must grow by more than 10 percent in the coming decade. Of course, it requires space to realize these development projects, build infrastructure to allow for growing mobility demand, and at them same time improve livability, sustainability, health, and social equity. This demands for mobility solutions use urban space more efficiently while maintaining and improving accessibility. A grid of neighborhood hubs can contribute to a better use of space with less (car) infrastructure, more inclusion and a better local economy. This requires governments to build smarter cities/societies, based on new guidelines for city planning looking towards the future (and future developments) instead of planning based on experience from the past. Advier is involved in several European partnerships that developed field labs around these themes and boosted the concept of neighborhood hubs in city development and city transformation. By sharing laundry machines, car parking, cars, parcel lockers, energy storage etc making use of state of the art ICT, knowledge of behavior change and other models for governance Advier works on a smarter society.


Elke Kroft is the general manager of Advier and a responsible team player, organizer and facilitator of multi-disciplinary teams and projects striving for break troughs and result. The daily routine of Elke exists of the combination of working for clients, creating new business, and running the daily business of Advier. In recent years she has been the link between policy and projects within the government, but also in a broader context between private commercial parties, municipalities, and other partnerships.

Minze Walvius is founder of Advier and a versatile entrepreneur, consultant, and opportunity manager. Minze is a networker, an internationally appreciated expert and a much sought-after speaker on very diverse topics within the field of work and the development of Smarter Societies. Within Advier, Minze is responsible for business development and market development and works in various projects on the implementation of sustainable )mobility and networks of hubs in new spatial developments. Minze has a strong knowledge link with TU Delft, where various graduates work and worked on the neighborhood hub of the future, governance, the water (energy) hub and the integration of MaaS in Living as a Service.