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Photo of Hannah Kunst

Hannah Kunst

BSc Utrecht; MSc Maastricht
PhD candidate

Hannah Kunst is a PhD candidate in the discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, and recipient of the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship. Her research focuses on extrinsic emotion regulation in healthcare practitioners. Previously, she completed a research master’s program in Psychopathology in her home country, the Netherlands. She is particularly interested in translational research and bridging the gap between research and practice.

Extrinsic Emotion Regulation in Healthcare Practitioners

Dealing with other people’s emotions is an essential skill in the workplace. This is especially relevant in the healthcare sector, as employees work together for long days in stressful situations. To aid healthcare providers in gaining a better understanding and management of extrinsic emotion regulation, multi-method dyadic studies will be conducted in nurse populations to examine: 1) who regulate other’s emotions, 2) when are extrinsic regulation strategies used, and 3) which strategies are most effective. By identifying processes underlying interpersonal relationships in real-life settings, results can further the development of more complex perspectives on emotion regulation, and its influence on work outcomes.

Supervisors: Helena Nguyen, Anya Johnson, Carolyn MacCann