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Photo of Tony Arnold

Tony Arnold

BEng (Hons) UTS; GradDipBA AGSM
PhD Candidate

Tony began his professional career developing software algorithms for companies such as Canon, the CSIRO and Fairlight before transitioning into the transport sector. In the transport sector Tony has worked on freight optimisation, network design, road design, safety and communications.

After a five-year stint coordinating the Australian National Cycling Strategy, Tony is keen to contribute research that helps Australia to meet big challenges such as managing traffic congestion, mitigating climate change, minimising health care costs and improving the liveability (and loveability) of our cities.

Walking and cycling in an autonomous future

The advent of intelligent computing and automation is set to transform our everyday lives, with predictions of dramatic changes being forecast for medicine, law, defence, finance, customer service and countless other industries. The transport industry is likely to be significantly affected by automation of the driving task and of other transport-related activities such as vehicle servicing.

This research work will quantify the social, environmental and economic impacts that the emergence of automated systems will have through changes to walking and cycling travel behaviour.

Supervisors: Stephen Greaves, Michiel Bliemer