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Towards Engineering Behavioural Research Design Systems

ARC Discovery Project

Prof Guy G Gable; A/Prof Kai Riemer; Dr Mary Tate; Dr Wasana Bandara; Prof Arun Rai

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

Behavioural research is a significant component of the annual spend in Australia on research and development. It is contended that 'best practice' behavioural research methods can be more systematised, transparent and visible; facilitating more complex, integrated and holistic research designs; and thereby, more cumulative and comparable results; thus enabling increased rigor, higher productivity and lower risk than have generally been the experience historically. This project proposes the formal conceptualisation and modelling of behavioural science research methods, by adapting them to the research design, the well understood concepts, tools and techniques of Information Systems design. Results are expected to form the conceptual basis of 'Research Design Systems.'


2015 - 2017









Business School staff