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Investigating Labour Supply Options Across the Australian Vegetable Industry

Research & Development Grant

Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd

Joanna Howe (University of Adelaide); Alexander Riley (University of Adelaide); Diane Van Den Broek; Chris F Wright

Work and Organisational Studies

Project Summary

Australian vegetables, an industry of critical importance to Australia’s economic development and food security, may not survive if labour supply challenges go unaddressed. The vegetable industry is critical to Australia’s economic development and food security into the future. The industry produces $3.3 billion to Australia’s GDP and there are nearly 5000 vegetable operations across Australia where the main activity is to grow vegetables (AusVeg 2015).

Most work in the vegetable industry cannot be mechanised, and growers therefore require a reliable supply of productive labour. However, there is a great deal of uncertainty over the current and future workforce needs in the industry and the best way to meet them. This project will investigate the labour supply needs in the industry, how they are currently being met, and identify solutions for addressing them in a way that ensures the viability of the industry.


18/1/2016 – 19/12/2016



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