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Enterprise Social Network Analytics – Exploration of New Metrics and Managerial Application Scenarios

University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant

SWOOP Analytics Pty Ltd

Kai Riemer

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) - Facebook for the workplace – present an important new technology to increase workplace collaboration. Yet, neither its impact on organisations nor the ways in which participation in ESN ought to be managed are well understood. We develop metrics for measuring user behavior in ESN as input for management insight. The team will cooperate with SWOOP Analytics whose focus is on supporting corporate clients in harvesting and utilising ESN data. Research will involve explorative analysis of SWOOP data for metric development and interviews with SWOOP clients to garner insights into the potential usefulness of the developed approaches.


01/03/2017 - 28/02/2018


$25,000 (AUD)

Business School staff