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Evidence-based Management for Enterprise Social Networking Success

ARC Linkage Grant 2015-2018

Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd

A/Prof Kai Riemer; Dr Uri Gal; Prof Robert Johnston

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

This project intends to develop a methodology for the successful introduction of enterprise social networks (ESNs). ESNs are an important new technology that promises increased collaboration, making businesses more innovative and responsive. Yet, while some organisations adopt ESN organically, many tightly-managed ESN projects fail. Because ESN are not directed at predefined tasks but bring about new ways of working, traditional theory and methods of IT introduction are challenged. This project aims to create and test a new theory that frames ESN introduction as guided user experimentation, addressing this emerging IT management problem both theoretically and practically.

2015-2018 $280,000

Business School staff

Robert Johnston
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