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Artemis High Performance Computing (HPC) Grand Challenge Scheme (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research)

David Hensher; Richard Ellison; Chinh Quoc Ho; Michiel Bliemer; Wen Liu; Collins Teye

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Project Summary

There is a recognised need within government and industry for having a capability to undertake a quick scan of a large number of candidate transport, infrastructure, and land-use projects and policies and prioritise them based on passenger and freight demand forecasts, benefit-costs ratios and economy-wide outcomes.

The MetroScan-TI project aims to provide this capability to governments and industries by applying High Performance Computing techniques to “deliver vital demand forecasts and a detailed assessment in a very short time frame”. The project also aims to provide a framework in which new models being developed by researchers at The University can be tested and applied.

MetroScan-TI has a significant potential to provide a transformational impact on a wide-range of policy decisions, both in Sydney and elsewhere, by providing a method for evaluating many possible initiatives on a range of measures.




$336,000 (AUD)

Business School staff

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