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Social Media for Knowledge Sharing in Global Organisations

Go8 Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme

Group of Eight Australia - German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Dr K Riemer; Dr P Scifleet

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

Innovation in service economies depends increasingly on how well organisations are able to generate, manage and share knowledge in the face of geographic distribution, which tends to breed knowledge pockets and reinventing-the-wheel phenomena. A new type of technology, social media platforms such as Wikis or Blogs emerging from the public Internet, promises to offer a user-centred approach to address this challenge. For this project we have access to a large multi-national consultancy with 90,000 employees and its Enterprise Microblogging (EMB) user population. EMB is a Twitter-like service to facilitate open short-message communication, with the aim to move knowledge exchanges from private email inboxes to a public, organisation-wide communication space. With the proposed partnership we aim 1) to investigate knowledge sharing, communication and information management practices in EMB (using genre, content and media analysis), 2) to identify challenges in the adoption and use of EMB and 3) to understand and support development of communication policy and management guidelines in social media and knowledge management. The study will support (genre) analysis of EMB communications through in-depth interviews with users and decision makers in Europe and Australia. Our research design is based on jointly collecting and analysing data so that the complementary expertise of the research team can be fully utilised. We will disseminate our findings through academic outlets and workshops with industry participants.

2011 :$  9,600
2012 :$  10,200
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)

The project is a joint endeavour with Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany.

Business School staff