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Social Media and Crisis Response: An Analytical Framework and Tool to aid Emergency Service Agencies

Universities Australia Group of Eight Grant 2014-2015

Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme

Professor Deborah Bunker; Associate Professor Kai Riemer ; Mr Christian Ehnis; Professor Stefan Steiglitz; Mr Milad Mirabaie; Nina Krueger; Malte Landwehr

Business Information Systems

Project Summary

This project is concerned with public safety, looking closely at how social media communication patterns can be analyzed to support Emergency Service Agencies (ESA) during a crisis response.

It seeks to develop:

  1. A better understanding and more effective use of social media by ESA and the general public during a crisis;
  2. Effective use of social media real time communication during crisis events by ESA to better ensure public safety;
  3. Utilization of social media communications by ESA for better resource allocation; and
  4. Identification and fast mitigation of rumors by ESA to de-escalate crisis situations and influence and facilitate public safety in the field.


1 January 2014 - 31 December 2015




Business School staff

Deborah Bunker
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