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The making of financial materiality: factors that affect the materiality judgements of investment analysts when assessing integrated reports during company valuation

Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme

Anna Young-Ferris; Shan Zhou


Project Summary

The aim of this project is to explore how investment analysts translate sustainability information contained in integrated reports during company valuation. In particular, we are interested in the analysts’ processes in relation to what, when and why some sustainability information is financially materialised during valuation and some is not. This is significant because momentum for integrated reporting continues to grow; yet little is known in practice about investment analysts’ use of integrated reporting, even though they are touted as the primary user. This project expects to shed light on the nexus between this new form of corporate reporting and the analyst’s cognitive processes, or more precisely the analyst’s materiality judgements, vis-à-vis sustainability issues during the calculation of company value.





Business School staff

Anna Young-Ferris
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