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Women and Work Research Network

Research Network Scheme (SyReNS)

Marian Baird; Rae Cooper; Leanne Cutcher; Meraiah Foley; Catherine Hardy; Susan McGrath-Champ; Richard Seymour; Sue Williamson; Minglu Chen; Michele Ford; Elizabeth Hill; Nicola Piper; Elspeth Probyn; Joellen Riley; Belinda Smith; Ariadne Vromen

Work and Organisational Studies

Project Summary

One of the most significant economic and social changes to affect nations, businesses and family life in both advanced and developing nations in the past 20 years has been the dramatic rise in the number of women participating in the paid workforce. On the supply side, this phenomenon is fuelled by a number of factors including changes in women's education levels and social expectations, and the need to supplement family incomes. On the demand side, these changes are stoked by the expectations of economic growth in the emerging economies of Asia and the new challenges of rising dependency ratios and productivity constraints in advanced economies such as Australia, Singapore, and Japan. This shift in women's workforce participation has profound implications for all aspects of work, family and community life. It requires policy responses and innovation in a range of contexts, from business to government, unions, faith and community based organisations, families, and by individuals themselves. Recent public and political debates in Australia and the Asian region about human rights; labour standards, including maternity, family and carers' leave; attitudes to women; child care; access to finance; poverty; labour mobility; and low levels of female representation in leadership all highlight the need for quality research in the field of women, work and policy.


1/6/2013 – 30/5/2014


$40,000 (AUD)

Business School staff

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