Program in focus: Global Executive MBA

Non-stop communication and inexpensive travel are fueling the rapid increase of internationalisation. We are embracing this to ensure the relevance of our program.

Despite various long-held concerns, the rate of globalisation shows little sign of slowing down. The world continues to seek out and cultivate new markets and take advantage of international growth markets. Even though the United States recently withdrew from Asia, signatories of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have agreed to pursue the trade deal without them.

Professor Clinton Free was appointed Academic Director of Executive Education and Global Executive MBA Program Director at the University of Sydney Business School earlier this year. He brings a wealth of international experience to the role, previously teaching MBA programs at Oxford University, Cornell University and the Queen’s School of Business.

"Global educational experiences promote a broader world view that enhances our understanding of the economic, cultural, political and environmental influences which shape our lives," Professor Free says. "In short, a global perspective is critical to preparing aware, empathic global leaders equipped for the future."

There has never been a more critical time for business leaders to possess a global perspective. The Australian economy is changing and becoming more diverse. Even though we continue to see outcroppings of populist nationalism in different parts of the world, the opportunities in global markets in Asia and beyond will be fundamental to the future growth of our businesses and economy.
Professor Clinton Free

Each year the Global Executive MBA brings together a small group of business leaders, selected on the basis of their career success and their willingness to adopt a global mindset. Students enter the program ready to transform their perspectives and organisations.

A global experience

From developing more sustainable fish farming in Tasmania to tackling travel insurance policies in Tel Aviv, working directly with start-ups in Silicon Valley or creating a social enterprise in India, our graduates gain tangible and practical skills through solving business problems and making positive change.

To influence the world, you need to be inspired by it. The Global Executive MBA gives you a range of unique experiences in six countries across five continents.

Gareth Russell
Gareth Russell
I am gaining market-leading, highly practical and globally applied strategic leadership capabilities that are required to effectively identify and deliver on the immense opportunities today’s global marketplace presents.

- Gareth Russell, GEMBA student
General Manager Human Resources, CBA

Linda Rudd
Linda Rudd
The Executive MBA gave me direct access to leading universities around the world – I gained insights into different cultures, trends and global issues.

- Linda Rudd, GEMBA '17
Partner and Head of Asset Management Services, Knight Frank

The goal of the Global Executive MBA is to support and develop globally-ready executives who can understand complex international challenges and incorporate them into their corporate strategies.

Clinton Free

Clinton Free

Academic Director, Executive Education

Professor Clinton Free teaches and researches in the areas of management accounting, fraud and corporate governance. He is currently investigating risk management, white collar crime within organisations and monitoring by boards of directors.