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BCom Ryerson MCom/MLogMan PhD Sydney
Senior Research Analyst

Room 102
H73 - 378 Abercrombie Street
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9114 1885
Fax +61 2 9114 1863


Dr Adrian Ellison is a Senior Research Analyst at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies. Adrian's specialty is in collecting, processing, combining and making sense out of very large datasets with a particular emphasis on spatial (geographic) data.  He has applied these skills to a variety of transport and logistics problems including road safety, active travel and economic behaviour.  At ITLS Adrian teaches GIS for Transport and Logistics [ITLS6107] and the executive short course Introduction to 'Big Data' Databases and Programming for Transport Researchers.  He also manages the Travel Choice Simulation Laboratory (TRACSLab).  Adrian was awarded the Eric Pas Dissertation Prize (2014) for the best thesis in travel behaviour research. Prior to joining ITLS, Adrian consulted to a wide range of companies on information and data management

Selected publications


Journal Articles

Bhattacharjya J, Ellison A, Pang V, and Gezdur A (2018) Creation of unstructured big data from customer service: The case of parcel shipping companies on Twitter International Journal of Logistics Management, 29 (2), 723-738. [More Information]

Ellison A, Ellison R, Ahmed A, Rance D, and Greaves S (2018) Spatiotemporal Identification of Trip Stops from Smartphone Data Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy, In Press. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Crane M, Rissel C, Standen C, Ellison A, Ellison R, Wen L, and Greaves S (2017) Longitudinal evaluation of travel and health outcomes in relation to new bicycle infrastructure, Sydney, Australia Journal of Transport and Health, 6, 386-395. [More Information]

Ellison R, Ellison A, Greaves S, and Sampaio B (2017) Electronic ticketing systems as a mechanism for travel behaviour change? Evidence from Sydney's Opal card Transportation Research Part A, 99, 80-93. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

Ellison A, Verzosa N, Greaves S, and Ellison R (2017) Who stays in? An analysis of participation and data quality in longitudinal transport surveys 11th International Conference on Transport Survey Methods; Elsevier B.V., Quebec, Canada.


Journal Article

Bhattacharjya J, Ellison A, and Tripathi S (2016) An exploration of logistics-related customer service provision on Twitter: The case of e-retailers International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 46 (6/7), 659-680. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Ellison A, and Greaves S (2015) Speeding in urban environments: Are the time savings worth the risk? Accident Analysis and Prevention, 85, 239-247. [More Information]

Ellison A, Bliemer M, and Greaves S (2015) Evaluating changes in driver behaviour: A risk profiling approach Accident Analysis and Prevention, 75, 298-309. [More Information]

Ellison A, Greaves S, and Bliemer M (2015) Driver behaviour profiles for road safety analysis Accident Analysis and Prevention, 76, 118-132. [More Information]

Greaves S, Ellison A, Ellison R, Rance D, Standen C, Rissel C, and Crane M (2015) A Web-Based Diary and Companion Smartphone app for Travel/Activity Surveys Transportation Research Procedia, 11, 297-310. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Bhattacharjya J, and Ellison A (2015) Building Business Resilience with Social Media in B2B Environments: The Emergence of Responsive Customer Relationship Management Processes on Twitter Risks and Resilience of Collaborative Networks: 16th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises PRO-VE 2015, Albi, France, October 5-7, 2015: Proceedings; Springer, Cham, 170-177. [More Information]


Journal Article

Greaves S, Backman H, and Ellison A (2014) An Empirical Assessment of the Feasibility of Battery Electric Vehicles for Day-to-Day Driving Transportation Research Part A, 66, 226-237. [More Information]


Ellison A (2014) Evaluating Changes in Driver Behaviour for Road Safety Outcomes: A Risk Profiling Approach; The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Book Chapter

Bhattacharjya J, Tripathi S, Ellison A, and Kitratporn N (2014) Value creation Using Social Media in a Virtual Business Model: How Amazon Approaches Customer Service on Twitter Crafting Global Competitive Economies: 2020 Vision Strategic Planning & Smart Implementation; International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), Milan, Italy, 2208-2215.


Journal Articles

Ellison A, Greaves S, and Bliemer M (2013) Examining Heterogeneity of Driver Behavior with Temporal and Spatial Factors Transportation Research Record, 2386, 158-167. [More Information]

Ellison A, Greaves S, and Daniels R (2013) Capturing speeding behaviour in school zones using GPS technology Road and Transport Research, 22 (4), 30-42.


Journal Articles

Familar R, Greaves S, and Ellison A (2011) Analysis of Speeding Behavior: Multilevel Modeling Approach Transportation Research Record, 2237, 67-77. [More Information]

Greaves S, and Ellison A (2011) Personality, Risk Aversion and Speeding: An Empirical Investigation Accident Analysis and Prevention, 43 (5), 1828-1836. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

Ellison A, Greaves S, and Daniels R (2011) Speeding Behaviour in School Zones Australasian College of Road Safety National Conference 2011 - A Safe System: Making it Happen!; Australasian College of Road Safety, Melbourne, Australia.


Journal Article

Garrard J, Greaves S, and Ellison A (2010) Cycling injuries in Australia: road safety's blind spot? Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety, 21 (3), 37-43.

Conference Proceeding

Ellison A, and Greaves S (2010) Driver Characteristics and Speeding Behaviour 33rd Australasian Transport Research Forum ATRF 2010; Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC), Australia.

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Recent Units Taught

  • ITLS6107 Applied GIS and Spatial Data Analytics

  • ITLS6107 GIS for Transport and Logistics

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