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Photo of Alison Williams

Alison Williams

Research Associate
+61 2 8627 7792

Alison Williams is a Research Associate with Stream 3 of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population and Ageing Research, undertaking research into mature aged workers and organisations. She also teaches in employment relations and human resource management.

Alison completed her Master of Commerce (Employment Relations) at the University of Western Sydney.

Alison’s career has primarily been in the publishing industry as an analyst, writer and editor focused on human resources, employment relations and employment legislation with the NSW Business Chamber and with legal publisher CCH Australia. She also worked in human resources for Toshiba Pty Ltd.

Alison Williams joined the University of Sydney in late 2018 specifically to work as a Research Associate with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population and Ageing Research (CEPAR). Her career prior to this had been outside academia, as an analyst, writer and editor with the subscription websites WorkplaceInfo, WorkplaceOHS and HR Advance where she reported on, and analysed, HR/employment relations/legislation developments in Australia. Additionally, she provided regular specialist advice to subscribers on human resources issues. She also created webinars, blogs and other forms of digital content, including videos and infographics.

Alison’s research interests with CEPAR revolve around three key aims: 1. Promoting successful ageing through good work; 2. Promoting successful teams, organisations and the economy through attracting, retaining, and promoting the high performance of mature talent; and 3. Promoting effective care outside of work to enable mature workers to balance work with increasing care responsibilities. The research is focused on organisational structures, policies and practices which promote flexible working, optimal work design and a climate of diversity.

Alison is a member of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW.

Recent Units Taught

  • WORK1003 Foundations of Work and Employment

  • WORK2203 Industrial Relations Policy