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Boyd Britton

Interactive Media Producer
+61 2 8627 5620

Boyd is a filmmaker and creative producer. He makes non-fiction films and special visual projects. 

He completed a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology Sydney. Boyd’s graduating work - a reimagining of the Australian landscape through the eyes of a displaced migrant artist – was developed into a one-hour television documentary by the Australian Film Commission and broadcast as part of the SBS Masterpiece series.

In his previous role, Boyd led the development of a specialist factual unit for the UK’s National Health Service, Europe’s largest health information platform, which produced documentary and interactive content across the frontlines of major health issues such as cancer research, FGM and mental health.

While based in London Boyd collaborated on a range of projects with Warp Films and the non-fiction film collective, Roast Beef Productions. He was a core part of the team that produced The Enclave –a multi-channel installation examining the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo– which represented Ireland at the 2013 Venice Biennale. He also played a supportive role in the realisation of Richard Mosse’s follow up work, Incoming, about the migration crisis unfolding across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Boyd has worked previously with organisations including The Tim Hetherington Trust, National Geographic, The 11th Hour Project, The Eastern Congo Initiative and Vice. In parallel to documentary projects, Boyd has directed and edited commercial work for a variety of clients including American Express, Blackberry, Westpac and Yellow Pages.

In the realm of research and pedagogy, he has an interest in immersive technology and how interactive narrative models can be used to enrich learning.