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Photo of Mark Burrows

Mark Burrows AO

Adjunct Professor

Mark Burrows has a long and distinguished career in investment banking, commencing with Baring Brothers in London. From the early 80’s until the late 90’s Mark was the Executive Chairman of the iconic Australian investment banking advisory business, Baring Brothers Burrows. Following the sale of Barings UK to the Dutch ING Bank in the late 90’s, Mark was appointed the Executive Deputy Chairman of ING Barings in London. In 2005, Mark joined Lazard in London as a Managing Partner and then returned to Australia as Lazard Australia’s inaugural Chairman. After a period of retirement from Lazard, Mark returned to investment banking in 2011 as Managing Director / Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse Global Investment Bank from which he retired earlier this year.

During his extensive investment banking career, Mark has been the principal financial advisor to some of the most significant and transformational corporate and government transactions in Australasia. Whilst in London, he advised Governments and institutions on sovereign debt / default, more recently on the emerging role on Green Finance.
 Mark has served as Non-Executive Director of several Australasian / European public companies, most notably as the Chairman / Deputy Chairman of Brambles, Fairfax and Telstra.

Mark is the Senior Advisor to UNEP fi (United Nations Environmental Programme). In this role, Mark has been working on advancing Green Finance to accelerate sustainable development which is aligned with the development of the Green Bond market where he is the Senior Advisor to the London based Climate Bonds Initiative.

Mark is currently consulting to the Macquarie Group as a Senior Advisor. Macquarie Group, along with its managed funds, is one of the world’s largest investors in renewable energy, having invested or arranged more than £8.5 billion of investment into renewable energy projects since 2010.

Starting with the Forests Asia Summits in Jakarta, and the African Forests Summits in Nairobi, Mark became a leading advocate on initiatives within the B20 with respect to Green Finance and its place on the G20 agenda. He is a continuing member of the B20 Finance Taskforce which he joined as an Australian Treasury nominee at the B20’s inception as part of the G20 in 2010. Mark advised on the new initiative of the G20 Green Finance Initiative and he is a speaker and commentator at global environmental / sustainability events (including IMF and World Bank / Green forums and with CIFOR (the World’s leading forestry research group) at their Global Landscapes Forums. Mark is a Non-Executive Director of the Asian Board of TNC (The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental NGO).

Mark has made a major contribution to the advancement of Public Policy in Australia where he led the development of Australia's national uniform corporate law, which led to the creation of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Mark has been widely recognised through his role as the co-author of the Report on the Framework on the Australian system of Compulsory Superannuation and was awarded the Order of Australia (AO) for his contributions to public policy and the arts.

Mark is an occasional writer for the Australian Financial Review. He is the Adjunct Professor of Finance at Sydney University and an adjunct lecturer at a number of UK / USA universities on Green Finance and Sustainability.

Mark Burrows, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Global Investment Banking Credit Suisse, spoke at the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum Closing Plenary in Paris, France. Watch the high-level closing plenary session which took a closer look at some of the initiatives that emerged through the Forum, offering a space for tracking progress as well as outlining next steps. 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

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