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Catherine is an Associate Professor of Business Information Systems. Her research and teaching is interdisciplinary, involving the connection of scholarly disciplines in business such as accounting, information systems and management with technology and foresight studies and engagement with practitioners and policy makers in these professional fields. She currently teaches data governance and accounting information systems into the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum and has been a recipient of the Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Teaching. Catherine holds the position of Program Director of the Bachelor of Commerce overseeing the program of study.

Research Interests

As an interdisciplinary researcher, Catherine focuses on the relation between technological innovation, governance and socio-technical change. Digital technologies are challenging core assumptions in business about control, assurance and professional responsibilities. Catherine’s research program is oriented towards examining complex socio-technical change involved in business practice and implications for managing risk, designing control and governance arrangements across various empirical settings including the private and public sector. Her current research carries forward these interests into four interdisciplinary projects.

1. The impact of big data and business analytics on organizational control and management accounting practice.

This longitudinal study is being conducted with colleagues from the Business School and at the University of Bristol. The project is focused on how ‘big’ data, analytics tool and accountabilities are materialised as socio-technical forms, how innovation networks are built and resistance overcome. The project will assist in developing understanding about the potential and the challenges offered by analytics and the role of diverse professionals in their manufacture.

2. Scale and scaling of IoT: from digital sensor to global information infrastructure

This interdisciplinary study is being conducted with colleagues from the Enterprise of Things (EoT) Lab located at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The aim of this research projects is deepen understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation through an interdisciplinary examination of matters of scale, scaling and cross-scale dynamics in IoT information infrastructures. The IoT is widely acknowledged as a key driver in transforming business and society. Yet to date limited attention has been directed towards organisational issues and considerable uncertainty remains about scale, nature, timing and impact of the associated digital transformation.

3. Cyber Security, Governance and Failure

The imperative for effectively governing cyber security is widely recognised across the globe as cyber-attacks and reports of major data breaches escalate. However significant challenges remain, for example in developing capabilities, designing policy and managing risk, notwithstanding the attention directed towards security and governance over the past decade and more. Two projects have been designed and are being conducted: (1) with a colleague in the Business School and (2) as part of a PhD candidature in the BIS discipline. The first is examining cases of security breaches for the purpose of broadly developing understanding about patterns of failure and potential tensions between perceptions of control as a problem or solution in these landscapes. The second project is broadly focused on how cyber security governance is experienced and constituted in practice and across different contexts.

4. Nanoparticles and People: Consumer behavior and regulatory frameworks

This is a joint project with colleagues in the Business School and the Nano Institute. The first phase of the project is to examine the impact of nano-particles on consumer behavior and the implications for policy and regulation.

Selected publications


Journal Article

Hardy C, and Levine L (2018) The Control Paradox EDPACS: the EDP audit, control and security newsletter, 58 (1), 1-18. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapter

Laslett G, and Hardy C (2015) Implementing Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring in Metcash - Change, Capabilities, and Culture Audit Analytics and Continuous Audit: Looking Toward the Future; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Inc., New York, 157-167.


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Journal Article

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Conference Proceedings

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceedings

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Conference Proceeding

Hardy C (2004) Strategic Information Systems Planning For E-Business: Theoretical Insights And Empirical Issues Multi-disciplinary Solutions to Industry & Government's E-Business Challenges : IFIP WG8.4 Working Conference on E-Business 2004; Trauner Druck, Laxenburg, Austria.

Selected grants

2018 - 2020



Recent Units Taught

  • BUSS4000 Honours in Business

  • BUSS4001 Business Honours Research Methods

  • BUSS6002 Data Science in Business

  • INFS2050 Data Governance and Technology Assurance

  • INFS5000 Accounting Information Systems

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