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BInfTech UVT, Romania; MInfSys QLD

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The University of Sydney
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Corina joined The  University of Sydney in February 2010 from The University of Queensland, where she  has held an Associate lecturer position from 2004 until 2009.

Corina is currently  completing her PhD and undertakes research in the field of Enterprise Systems.  Her PhD thesis focuses on achieving Alignment between organisational  requirements and Enterprise Systems capabilities, an investigation of a  longitudinal case study employing grounded theory through the lens of critical  realism. Her PhD outcomes  highlight the role of shared cognition and the use of complexity theory in  Information Systems research. These topics were well received by the community  and lead to few conference papers and two Doctoral Consortia invitations in  recent years: ICIS 2007, Montreal,  Canada and ACIS 2006, Adelaide, Australia.

During her Master's thesis, Corina has investigated factors that influence the successful outcome of Information Systems Development and Implementation projects. Corina's others interest include research in the field of business process modelling in large scale projects, national cultures and their relationship to decision making processes in organisations, the diffusion and usage of mobile information systems technologies in organisations and improvement of teaching methods in this area.

Corina has co-authored and presented a numbers papers during her work in various projects, among them the ARC Linkage Projects 'Modelling in The Large' and 'Using Measures of Ontological Distance to Evaluate the Alignment between Organisational Needs and Enterprise Systems Capabilities'.

Corina's contribution to community is highlighted by her involvement with the reviewing process for Information Systems journals and conferences, as well as her prior commitments as the President of The University of Queensland Business School RHD Student Association and the Secretary of The University of Queensland Business School Alumni Association.

Selected publications


Conference Proceeding

Raduescu C, Leonard J, and Hardy C (2016) Course Design Principles to Support the Learning of Complex Information Infrastructures The 27th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2016); Australasian Association for Information Systems (AAIS), Wollongong.


Conference Proceeding

Leonard J, Hardy C, and Raduescu C (2013) Using Technical Artefacts in the Development of a Sociotechnical Curriculum for Business Education 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS2013); RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Book Chapter

Raduescu C, and (Qumer) Gill A (2013) Handling the Complexity of ISD Projects with Agile Methods: A Conceptual Foundation Building Sustainable Information Systems: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Systems Development; Springer, New York, United States, 417-427. [More Information]


Conference Proceedings

Raduescu C (2011) Using Complexity Theory to Explain Emergent Project Management Practices 22nd Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2011): Identifying the Information Systems Discipline; Association for Information Systems (AIS), Sydney.

Raduescu C, and Marjanovic O (2011) Towards Educating Boundary Spanning Professionals across BPM and BI Domains 17th Americas Conference On Information Systems (AMCIS 2011); Association for Information Systems (AIS), Detroit.

Working Paper

Raduescu C, and Vessey I (2011) Analysis of Current Grounded Theory Method Practices.


Conference Proceeding

Raduescu C, and Vessey I (2010) Issues and Solutions for Applying Grounded Theory Method: A Preliminary Analysis Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated Social Science Methodology Conference ACSPRI 2010; ACSPRI: Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Ind, Australia.


Conference Proceeding

Raduescu C, and Vessey I (2009) Methodology in Critical Realist Research: The Mediating Role of Domain-Specific Theory 15th Americas Conference on Information Systems AMCIS 2009; Association for Information Systems (AIS), San Francisco.


Conference Proceedings

Raduescu C, and Vessey I (2008) Causality in Critical Realist Research: An Analysis of Three Explanatory Frameworks International Association for Critical Realism Annual Conference 2008; Kings College Press, United Kingdom.

Raduescu C, Heales J, and Frampton K (2008) Towards Information Systems Project Success: The Influence of Incentives on Project Managers' Drive and Participation 3rd International Research Workshop on Information Technology Project Management IRWITPM 2008; Association for Information Systems (AIS), United States.


Conference Proceeding

Rosemann M, Vessey I, Weber R, and Raduescu C (2007) Aligning Organizational Requirements with Enterprise Systems Capabilities: The Role of Domain-Specific Knowledge 13th Americas Conference on Information Systems AMCIS 2007; Curran Associates, Inc., United States.


Conference Proceedings

Raduescu C (2006) Aligning Organisational Requirements and Enterprise Systems Capabilities: A Longitudinal Case Study 17th Australasian Conference on Information Systems ACIS 2006; Australian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems, Australia.

Raduescu C, Tan H, Jayaganesh M, Bandara W, zur Muehlen M, and Lippe S (2006) A Framework of Issues in Large Process Modeling Projects 14th European Conference on Information Systems ECIS 2006; Goteborg University, Sweden.


Conference Proceeding

Raduescu C, and Heales J (2005) Incentives and Their Effects on Information Systems Projects 13th European Conference on Information Systems ECIS 2005; University of Regensburg, Germany.

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