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Daniel Nyberg

MSoc Sci Sthlm; MHRM UWA; PhD Melb
Honorary Professor

Daniel Nyberg's main research interest is investigating how global or societal phenomena are translated into local organisational realities or situations. He has pursued this research interest on projects relating to how organisations respond to climate change, adaptations of sickness absence policies and the implementation of new technologies in the workplace.

Daniel is currently involved in an Australian Research Council funded project investigating how climate change is negotiated and compromised on a local level in organisations. The research has shown that organisational actors invoke a range of justifications to engage in climate change beyond a narrow business interest.

In collaboration with researchers from the Netherlands and the U.K, Daniel is also investigating how national sickness absence policies have been translated into local control of sickness measures in Sweden and the Netherlands. The research team follows how recently introduced public policies in Europe, aimed at optimizing the workforce's health and minimizing sickness absence, have made the employee's illness and private life more public. This research reveals how health is constructed and managed in the workplace.

Central to Daniel's diverse range of research interests is displaying power relations within and between organisations, and engendering moral or ethical business practices. Daniel has published in international journals including: Organization Studies, Environment and Planning A, Human Relations, and Journal of Business Ethics.

The launch of the book Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction by Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg, at the Sydney Environment Institute event.

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