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PhD BS Stan. MBA Calif.

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Donnel Briley's PhD is from Stanford University, where he also received a B.S. in mechanical engineering. In addition, he completed an M.B.A. at University of California, Berkeley and a post-graduate program in political economics at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France. His research, which focuses primarily on the influence of culture and ethnicity on consumers' judgments and decisions, has been published in top marketing and psychology journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology and Social Cognition. In 2001, he won the award for best dissertation-base article in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Donnel lived in North America, France and Hong Kong before coming to Sydney. He was on the faculty of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.

Previously, Donnel was a management consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers, San Francisco, where he specialized in international strategy issues.

Editorial Board: Journal of Consumer Research (2008-present), Asian Journal of Social Psychology (2008-present).

Research Interests

Professor Briley is a social psychologist who has explored how various aspects of people’s identities affect their evaluations of and responses to marketplace stimuli. Studies in this stream have focused on ethnicity (e.g., black, white, Asian), nationality (e.g., Chinese, American) and political orientation (conservative, liberal)—identity dimensions that are receiving increasing attention in Australia and world-wide. His research shows that consumers routinely draw on foundational knowledge shaped by their backgrounds and identities to make sense of judgment and decision making contexts. And as a result, according to Professor Briley’s research, the influence of identity can be seen in a range of consumer behaviours, including advertisement evaluations, product choice strategies, service complaints and disputes, and responses to health messages.

Professor Briley’s work extends to the health domain, where he brings together consumer behaviour, psychology and health research streams to reveal hurdles to well-being and develop strategies for overcoming them. As a psychologist, his research leverages the ties between the body and mind, identifying effective psychological tools for keeping people mentally and physically healthy. These studies address key health issues of interest to health psychologists, including finding ways to motivate better health-related decision (e.g., eating, exercise, therapies, medications); developing and testing psychological interventions for patients; and exploring approaches for improving the effectiveness of health-related communications. As an example, findings from Professor Briley’s studies show new approaches for helping patients to maintain a positive, optimistic psychological stance.

Selected publications


Journal Article

Briley D, Danziger S, and Li E (2018) Promotional Games: Trick or Treat? Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28 (1), 99-114. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Briley D, Rudd M, and Aaker J (2017) Cultivating Optimism: How to Frame Your Future during a Health Challenge Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (4), 895-915. [More Information]

Jung K, Garbarino E, Briley D, and Wynhausen J (2017) Political Ideology and Consumer Research beyond Complaining Behavior: A Response to the Commentaries Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (3), 511-518. [More Information]

Jung K, Garbarino E, Briley D, and Wynhausen J (2017) Blue and Red Voices: Effects of Political Ideology on Consumers' Complaining and Disputing Behavior Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (3), 477-499. [More Information]

Yu S, Briley D, and Frow P (2017) Political Ideology and Review Evaluation (Working Paper) Advances in Consumer Research, 45, 1070-1070.


Journal Article

Cowley E, Briley D, and Farrell C (2015) How do gamblers maintain an illusion of control? Journal of Business Research, 68 (10), 2181-2188. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Valenzuela A, Darke P, and Briley D (2015) Cultural Identity and the Antecedents of Risk Taking: Am I Good or Am I Lucky? The Psychology of the Asian Consumer; Routledge, New York, 47-50. [More Information]


Journal Article

Briley D, Wyer, Jr. R, and Li E (2014) A dynamic view of cultural influence: A review Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24 (4), 557-571. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Li E, Breeze J, Horsley M, and Briley D (2014) Private and Public: Eye Movement and Eye Tracking in Marketing Current Trends in Eye Tracking Research; Springer, Cham, 201-209. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Briley D, Shrum L, and Wyer, Jr. R (2013) Factors Affecting Judgments of Prevalence and Representation: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 32, 112-118. [More Information]

Li E, Briley D, and Gorn G (2013) Embodied Gentleness Effect: The Influence of Hand Movements on Food Preferences Advances in Consumer Research, 41, 755-756.

Conference Proceeding

Li E, Briley D, and Gorn G (2013) Moving Hands Move Mind: Embodied Gentleness Effect 7th Global Business and Social Science Research Conference; World Business Institute, Melbourne, Australia.


Conference Proceeding

Jalali M, and Briley D (2012) Attenuating Consumer Reactance to Threatening Messages: The Moderating Role of Construal Level 41st Annual European Marketing Academy EMAC Conference 2012 - "Marketing to Citizens: Going beyond Customers and Consumers"; European Marketing Academy (EMAC), Brussels, Belgium.


Journal Article

Li E, and Briley D (2011) Attitudes Shaped by Eye Movements: The Reading Direction Effect Advances in Consumer Research, 39, 666-667.


Journal Article

Briley D, and Danziger S (2010) When Do Entertaining Promotions Trigger Caution? Advances in Consumer Research, 37, 1-8.


Conference Proceeding

Lee J, and Briley D (2009) Internet Advertising: How Much Repetition Makes Sense? 38th European Marketing Academy Conference EMAC 2009; European Marketing Academy (EMAC), France.

Book Chapters

Briley D (2009) Looking Forward, Looking Back: Cultural Differences and Similarities in Time Orientation Understanding Culture: Theory, Research and Application; Psychology Press, New York, United States, 311-325. [More Information]

Briley D (2009) Cultural Influence on Consumer Motivations: A Dynamic View Beyond Hofstede: Culture Frameworks for Global Marketing and Management; Palgrave Macmillan, New York, United States, 181-197.


Journal Article

Jenner S, MacNab B, Briley D, Brislin R, and Worthley R (2008) Cultural Change and Marketing Journal of Global Marketing, 21 (2), 161-172. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

Cowley E, Briley D, and Farrell C (2008) Under Control: Using Memory to Maintain an Illusion of Control 37th EMAC (European Marketing Academy Conference) 2008 - Marketing Landscapes: A Pause for Thought; European Marketing Academy (EMAC), Brighton, United Kingdom.


Journal Article

Briley D, Shrum L, and Wyer, Jr. R (2007) Subjective Impressions of Minority Group Representation in the Media: A Comparison of Majority and Minority Viewers' Judgments and Underlying Processes Journal of Consumer Psychology, 17 (1), 36-48. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Briley D, and Aaker J (2007) When Does Culture Matter? Advances in Consumer Research; Association for Consumer Research, Atlanta, Georgia.

Briley D, and Danziger S (2007) The Games Shoppers Play: Differential Effectiveness of Game-based Promotions across Consumers Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research.

Briley D, and Russell C (2007) Cultural identity and consumer research – Toward a research agenda Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference ANZMAC 2007; Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC), New Zealand.


Journal Articles

Aaker J, and Briley D (2006) Trends in Marketing: When Does Culture Matter in Marketing Finance and Management, December (139).

Aaker J, and Briley D (2006) Bridging the Culture Chasm: Ensuring That Consumers Are Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 25 (1), 53-66.

Briley D, and Aaker J (2006) When Does Culture Matter? Effects of Personal Knowledge on the Correction of Culture-Based Judgments Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (3), 395-408. [More Information]


Journal Article

Briley D, Morris M, and Simonson I (2005) Cultural Chameleons: Biculturals, Conformity Motives, and Decision Making Journal of Consumer Psychology, 15 (4), 351-362. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

Lee K, and Briley D (2005) Exploring Repeat Exposure Effects of Internet Advertising Asia Pacific Annual conference of the Association for Consumer Research 2005; Association for Consumer Research, n/a.


Conference Proceeding

Briley D, and Darke P (2004) Consumers' Beliefs about Luck and Reactions to Lucky and Unlucky Situations Annual conference of the Association for Consumer Research 2004; Association for Consumer Research, USA.

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