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BA Macq.; MCom UNSW; Grad Cert HEd Med (Higher Ed) PhD (Economics) Sydney; Grad Dip Soc Sc (UNE); B. Sc. (Psych). Hons (USQ); CPA
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As a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with a PhD in Economics, Gary combines accounting, information and organisation perspectives. This draws on the Master of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Information Systems from The University of New South Wales, and the Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University with majors in Anthropology and Philosophy. In addition Gary has both a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and a Master of Education from the University of Sydney. These qualifications were obtained while working full-time so Gary is aware of the challenge of balancing life-work commitments.

Gary specialises in knowledge sharing in business and academia. Gary gained specific experience in information systems and technology over 25 years. Gary has both managed operations as a Chief Information Officer, and, consulted to government and private enterprise, at state and international levels. Since 2000 these have used complexity-based approaches. Particular areas of expertise include knowledge management including information sharing, IT strategy formulation and evaluation, IT operations appraisal, enterprise change, project and risk management, and, sourcing of IT products and services.

Prior to teaching at the University of Sydney, Gary taught introductory and advanced courses in information systems, technology and management at the undergraduate levels at The University of New South Wales and postgraduate levels at The Australian Graduate School of Management and also The University of New South Wales.

Research Interests

Gary’s research interest is on people understanding the world and themselves: their knowledge and behaviour not broad history or institutions. Recently his focus is on the discourse of knowledge and accounting (spoken, written and non-verbal). He has looked at this in financial institutions (e.g., helping banks understand why their staff don’t understand the difference between capitalisation and expenses) local government (e.g., when a councillor paid for an advertisement against the Mayor), building (e.g., knowledge a bricklayer thinks important to share), agriculture (e.g., cash flow) and health care with allied health professions around Australia (e.g., the personal financial cost of going to a counsellor).

Methodologically, Gary is interested in both the complexity and richness of human behaviour over time from several perspectives: the maligned and misunderstood ethnomethodological perspective without trading on properties of the domain to theorise about it, from experimental evidence and using comparative methods. Ethnomethodology understands larger structures are locally produced, but witnessed as global structures. Data is sources from both case studies, and publicly available documentation including media and social media.

Data is analysed from economic and psychological perspectives without necessarily attempting to triangulate the two. The data can include financial as well as non-financial information obtained with accuracy or estimated.

Gary’s research interests stem primarily from his experience and knowledge of organisations and the serious challenges organisations continually face in a world of scarce resources and contested objectives. Recent concerns include organisational governance as exemplified by CPA Australia and the ways in which discourse is used for practical reasoning with the available stock of knowledge.

With over 20 years in business, Gary is also concerned with various “C” suite roles including Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information officers, and Chief Culture Officers. These are roles and responsibilities which face intractable management issues in uncertain environments where the urgent can quickly outmanoeuvre the important.

Selected publications



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Newspaper Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Book Chapter

Oliver G, and Snowden D (2005) Patterns of narrative in organisational knowledge sharing: Refolding the envelope of Art-Luddism and Techno-Fabulism Knowledge Management and Narratives: Organizational Effectiveness Through Storytelling; Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin, 15-72.


Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

Oliver G, Handzic M, and Van Toorn C (2003) Towards understanding KM practices in the academic environment: The shoemaker's paradox Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 1 (2), 139-146.

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  • ACCT1006 Accounting and Financial Management

  • ACCT5002 Managerial Accounting and Decision Making

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