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Photo of Glenn Geers

Glenn Geers

Adjunct Professor

Dr Glenn Geers is currently an independent consultant in the transport domain. Glenn holds honours degrees in electrical engineering and theoretical physics, and received his PhD in the field of computational electromagnetism.He is a member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Association for Computing Machinery. He is on the Editorial Board of the journal GeoInformatica. He is an active participant in the Transportation Research Board Simulation Sub-committee.

Prior to joining ITLS as an adjunct professor in 2019 Glenn held senior research and research management roles in government (CSIRO, NICTA & ARRB) and private industry. Glenn is a member of academic, government and industry transport advisory groups both in Australia and overseas.

Glenn’s current research interests include cyber-physical security of transport systems, interdependent networks with particular emphasis on the interaction and failure modes of linked communications, electricity and transport networks; road rule implications for automated vehicles; and the extension of the Movement and Place planning framework to include automated vehicles.