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PhD ANU; BA Hons UNSW; PhD Sydney
Honorary Associate

Rm 428
H69 - Codrington Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9351 5057


Graeme Smith is a postdoctoral fellow in the China Studies Centre, University of Sydney Business School and a visiting fellow in the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Program at the Australian National University. His research has explored the demand for organic produce in Chinese urban centres, the political economy of agricultural service delivery, the role of rural cadres in China's development, and the persistence of informal land markets in rural China. He also studies Chinese investment in the Asia-Pacific region, with ongoing projects in Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and Myanmar. His journal articles appear in the China Journal, Pacific Affairs, Asian Studies Review and the Journal of Peasant Studies. Dr Smith also holds a PhD in environmental chemistry, has written several guidebooks to China, and is the 2011 winner of the Gordon White Prize for the best article published in China Quarterly, the leading journal in China Studies.

Selected publications


Book Chapter

Smith G (2015) The effects of political recentralisation on rural livelihoods in Anhui, China Rural Livelihoods in China: Political economy in transition; Routledge, Abingdon, 175-194.


Book Chapter

Smith G (2014) Fuqing Dreaming: 'New' Chinese Communities in Papua New Guinea Pacific-Asia Partnerships in Resource Development; Divine Word University Press, Madang, Papua New Guinea, 132-139.


Journal Articles

Barclay K, and Smith G (2013) Introduction: The International Politics of Resources Asian Studies Review, 37 (2), 125-140. [More Information]

Smith G (2013) Measurement, promotions and patterns of behavior in Chinese local government Journal of Peasant Studies, 40 (6), 1027-1050. [More Information]

Smith G (2013) Beijing's Orphans? New Chinese Investors in Papua New Guinea Pacific Affairs, 86 (2), 327-349. [More Information]

Smith G (2013) Nupela Masta? Local and Expatriate Labour in a Chinese-Run Nickel Mine in Papua New Guinea Asian Studies Review, 37 (2), 178-195. [More Information]

Smith G (2013) The Hollow State: A View from Inside a Rural Township (Xiangzhen zhengfu 'kongkehua' wenti yanjiu: yi zhong neibu yunzuo de shijiao) Jingji shehui tizhi bijiao, 165 (1), 118-126.

Smith G, and D'Arcy P (2013) Introduction: Global Perspectives on Chinese Investment Pacific Affairs, 86 (2), 217-232. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Smith G (2013) Law of the land or land law? Notions of inequality and inequity in rural Anhui Unequal China: The political economy and cultural politics of inequality; Routledge, Oxon, 184-199.

Newspaper Articles

Smith G (2013) Spare a Nickel? On the tail of Chinese resource investment in the Pacific The China Story .

Smith G (2013) Understanding China through its Local Politics The China Story .


Journal Articles

Smith G (2012) Chinese Reactions to Anti-Asian Riots in the Pacific The Journal of Pacific History, 47 (1), 93-109. [More Information]

Smith G (2012) Beyond the reach of the whip: Chinese Investment in Papua New Guinea African East-Asian Affairs, 73, 4-10.

Conference Proceeding

Smith G (2012) Evolving Chinese Business Practices in PNG 1st China Studies Centre Annual Conference, Sydney.

Book Chapter

Guo Y, Hou S, Smith G, and Martinez-Pacheco S (2012) Chinese outward direct investment: Case studies of SOEs going global Law and Policy for Chinas Market Socialism; Routledge, Oxon, UK, 131-143.

Seminar Papers

O'Keeffe A, Smith G, and Brant P (2012) Chinese Aid and Investment in the Pacific The CIW (China in the World)-Lowy China Forum, Canberra.

Smith G (2012) China's engagement with PNG Australian Security in the 21st Century Seminar Series, Canberra.

Smith G (2012) Chinese Investment in the Pacific China Business Forum - NSW Parliament, Sydney.

Smith G (2012) China and the Pacific 2nd SSGM Pacific Research Colloquium: Developing Pacific Scholarship; Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.

Smith G (2012) What Drives Chinese Aid in the Pacific? Asian Studies Seminar Series.

Newspaper Articles

Smith G (2012) Retail and infrastructure the focus in Papua New Guinea East Asia Forum China’s Investment Abroad.

Smith G (2012) The 6 Billion Kina Question The Lowy Interpreter - 19 December 2012 .

Smith G (2012) Are Chinese soft loans always a bad thing? The Lowy Interpreter .


Smith G (2012) Retail and infrastructure the focus in Papua New Guinea.

Smith G (2012) The 6 Billion Kina Question.

Smith G (2012) Are Chinese soft loans a bad thing?.


Journal Article

Smith G (2011) China’s Power in the Pacific The Conversation, July, 1-3.

Conference Proceedings

Smith G (2011) 'Tiba or not tiba'? Administrative cadre status and the politics of envy among township and county officials International Workshop on Politics and Autonomy in Chinas Local State; University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Smith G (2011) Chinese Investment in Australia and the Pacific University of Adelaide presentation, Adelaide.

Smith G (2011) Nupela Masta: Local and Expatriate Labour in a Chinese-Run Nickel Mine in Papua New Guinea International Politics of Resources: China, Japan and Korea’s Demand for Energy, Minerals and Food; University of Technology, Sydney, Sydney.

Smith G (2011) The Tail Wags the Dog: Chinese Bureaucratic Collusion in the Pacific? 12th Pacific Islands Political Studies Association Conference (PIPSA); Pacific Islands Political Studies Association, Samoa.

Smith G (2011) Slave Labour? Work practices at the Ramu Nickel Mine in Comparative Perspective Mining and Mining Policy in the Pacific: History, Challenges and Perspectives; Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement, New Caledonia.

Book Chapter

Smith G (2011) Franchising the state: Farmers, agricultural technicians and the marketisation of agricultural services Politics and Markets in Rural China; Routledge, London, 69-86.

Seminar Papers

Smith G (2011) China's New World: How is China's Need for Resources and Growing Migrant Population Impacting our Region? UTSpeaks lecture series; University of Technology, Sydney, Sydney.

Smith G (2011) Chinese Migration in the Pacific University of Goroka presentation, Papua New Guinea.

Smith G (2011) Prospects for Trilateral Cooperation with Chinese Aid Projects in the Pacific AusAID presentation.

Newspaper Article

Smith G (2011) Chinese interests in Pacific nations: mining ventures in PNG East Asia Forum - May 2011 .


Smith G (2011) Finding the New Chinese in Papua New Guinea.

Smith G (2011) China's Power in the Pacific.


Journal Article

Smith G (2010) The Hollow State: Rural Governance in China The China Quarterly, 203, 601-618. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Smith G (2010) Same Ocean, Different Dreams Provincial China Workshop, The New Chinese Empire: Regionality and the Development of the State; University of Technology Sydney, China.

Smith G (2010) Fuqing Dreaming: the Construction of Diaspora Identity among 'New' Chinese in Papua New Guinea Culture and Pacific-Asia Partnerships in Resource Development; Pacific-Asia Partnerships in Resource Development, Papua New Guinea.

Smith G (2010) Emerging Trends within Central China's Party/State Nexus Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting; Association for Asian Studies, Philadelphia.


Smith G (2010) Background Briefing: Drivers of Chinese Migration and Refugee Applications.


Journal Article

Smith G (2009) Political Machinations in a Rural County The China Journal, 62, 29-59. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Smith G (2009) Missing Bureaucracies: Semi-Formal Rules and Township Governments 11th Chinese Studies Association of Australia Conference; Chinese Studies Association Australia, Sydney.

Smith G (2009) Waiting for the Market: Farmers, Agricultural Technicians and the Incipient Privatization of Agricultural Extension 9th European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China; European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China, Leeds.



Smith G (2008) The Political Economy of Agricultural Extension in Rural Anhui, China; Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.


Journal Article

Smith G (2007) Rural Governance in the Midst of Underfunding, Deception, and Mistrust Chinese Sociology and Anthropology.

Book Chapter

Smith G, and Kipnis A (2007) Rural Governance in the Midst of Underfunding, Deception, and Mistrust Chinese Sociology & Anthropology; ME Sharpe, Inc., London, UK.


Newspaper Article

Smith G (2006) Pick a cadre, any cadre The Diplomat - April/May 2006 .


Conference Proceedings

Smith G (2005) Structural Limits on the Delivery of Agricultural Extension Services in Rural China Village Self-Governance in China: Past, Present and Future; EU-China Training Programme on Village Governance, Beijing.

Smith G (2005) Looking Up from the Farm: the Political Economy of Agricultural Technology Extension in Rural Anhui Inaugural Graduate Seminar on China (GSOC); Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hing Kong.

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