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Photo of John D Haynes

John D Haynes

BCom BA (Newcastle); MA (Macquarie); PhD (Bond)
Honorary Professor

John Digby Haynes recently returned from nine and a half years in the Middle East, where he was appointed Professor of Information Systems, and for the first two of his last three years, served as Assistant Dean (the most senior position of the Deanship) of Graduate Studies at the University of Nizwa, Oman, reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. Formerly he was in Australia as Visiting Professorial Fellow of Information Systems at the University of NSW, and Professor and Head of the School of Information Technology, Charles Darwin University. Before that in USA, for four years, as Visiting Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Central Florida. He was in New Zealand as Personal Chaired Professor in Information Systems, Faculty of Humanities and Business at UCOL. Prior to his NZ appointment in June 1998, he was at Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia) for just under nine years, where he was foundation Head of Artificial Intelligence (which he inaugurated in 1990) and, from 1995, was involved with Information Systems. Also, in 1990, he jointly set up the Cognitive Science course in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bond University where he (also) lectured in Philosophy of Mind (Cognitive Science). John’s PhD is from Bond University, 1998, “Meaning as Perspective: A Phenomenology of Information Systems” (looking at Information Systems through the lens of Artificial Intelligence and Phenomenology), supervised by Emeritus Professor Frank Land (London School of Economics).

The Research Interests of Professor John Digby Haynes are as follows. Firstly, the Management of Intuition. This area of research is in Business Information Systems and the methodology of research is essentially phenomenology. Secondly, Ethics, Wisdom, Social Responsibility and Innovation. Professor Haynes, in relation to this second area of research interests, is a member, with personal webpage, of the University of Chicago Wisdom Defining Group.

The third area of research interests of Professor John D Haynes is Artificial Intelligence, Phenomenology and Social Philosophy. The focus of this research is essentially in relation to social issues and human concerns in relation to the emergence of sophisticated Information Technology, in particular related to Information Systems.

Professor Haynes has at least 74 publications, including 4 books that cover his interests.