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Photo of Ju Li Ng

Ju Li Ng

Scholarly Teaching Fellow
+61 2 9351 7242

Ju Li is a Lecturer (Scholarly Teaching Fellow) in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School.

She is a mixed-method researcher (i.e. both qualitative and quantitative) who is interested in applied research. Ju Li’s research integrates multilevel framework to examine issues of workplace trust, conflict and values. She has examined these issues both in corporate and healthcare settings.

Ju Li received her PhD from the UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. She also has a Master of Arts (Communication) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hon) from Malaysia.

Prior to commencing her academic career, Ju Li worked in corporate banking and corporate relations field where she held managerial positions. More recently, she was a senior manager who led the change management projects and evidence-based practice implementation in a non-for-profit organisation. With her corporate and leadership experience, Ju Li is a passionate teacher who focuses on guiding students to apply theory and research evidence to their practice and work in their organisations. Ju Li has extensive teaching experience in the area of management, leadership, organisational behaviour and human resource management both locally in Australia and internationally.

Ju Li’s research interests focuses on understanding the dynamics of various team processes. She has a particular interest in examining how team processes such as conflict, control and leadership influence trust as an outcome. Using the multilevel approach, she has examined these issues both in the corporate and healthcare settings. For example, she has examined how leaders and teams build trust in the face of conflict, and how conflict affects trust in teams. Ju Li is also interested in the emergent and cross-level processes of how individual values influence and shape the team values and vice versa. Ju Li has extended her research in the area of team processes to the process by which HRM is implemented in healthcare setting. Her research in this area has helped to bridge the knowledge between HR commitment-based approach and HR control-based approach in the healthcare setting. In addition to the multilevel approach, Ju Li employs a multimethod and mixed-method (i.e. both qualitative and quantitative) approach in her research.

Recent Units Taught

  • WORK2218 Managing Organisational Behaviour

  • WORK6017 Human Resource Strategies

  • WORK6130 Leadership in Organisations