Manoj Thomas

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BEng (Bharathair University); MBA, MS IS, PhD (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Associate Professor

The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Manoj A. Thomas is an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Business Information Systems. His research interests are primarily in areas of emerging technologies, data science, and social computing. Much of his recent research explores the interplay between information systems and data science in application domains such as public health, education, and e-commerce. He conducts research in diverse settings involving uncertain environments, non-traditional users, and unconventional application of technological solutions. Manoj has received numerous research grants, and his work has been published and presented internationally. His ICT outreach and research is global, taking him to Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, South America, and the United States.

Manoj has a Bachelor of Engineering from Bharathiar University, as well as Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Information Systems, and PhD in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was a visiting Research Fellow at the Harris Manchester College, Oxford University, UK in 2018. He rides and works on motorcycles when he wants to get away from the digital realm.

Selected publications


Journal Article

Martins R, Oliveira T, Thomas M, and Tomas S (2019) Firms' continuance intention on SaaS use - an empirical study Information Technology and People, 32 (1), 189-216. [More Information]

Conference Proceeding

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Book Chapter

Li Y, and Thomas M (2019) Adopting a Theory of Change Approach for ICT4D Project Impact Assessment - The Case of CMES Project Information and communication technologies for development : strengthening Southern-driven cooperation as a catalyst for ICT4D : 15th IFIP WG 9.4 International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries ....; Springer, Cham, 95-109. [More Information]


Journal Articles

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Conference Proceeding

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Book Chapter

Thomas M, and Elnagar S (2018) A semantic approach to evaluate web content of government websites Innovative Perspectives on Public Administration in the Digital Age; IGI Global, 1-24. [More Information]


Journal Articles

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Articles

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Journal Articles

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Journal Articles

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Conference Proceeding

Li Y, and Thomas M (2014) A multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) software selection framework 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-47 2014; IEEE Computer Society, Piscataway. [More Information]


Journal Article

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Conference Proceeding

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Book Chapter

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Journal Articles

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Conference Proceeding

Thomas M, Narayan P, and Christian C (2012) A mobile phone-based ICT solution for reporting and tracking unreported reproductive health problems in the outlier communities of Kerala, India 20th European Conference on Information Systems ECIS 2012; ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.