Mark Raadsen

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MSc Twente; PhD Sydney
Research Fellow

Rm 207
H73 - 378 Abercrombie Street
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Telephone +61 2 9114 1891
Fax +61 2 9114 1863


Mark has a Bachelor (Computer Science, Twente University, NL), Master by Research (Computer Science, Twente University, NL) and Doctor of Philosophy (Transport modelling, University of Sydney) degree. He currently works at ITLS in his role as Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Prior to working at Sydney University Mark worked in industry as a software engineer and software architect in transport planning, developing traffic simulation models for large-scale applications in The Netherlands. Due to his industry background, Mark’s research quickly finds its way to practice and many of his academic accomplishments have led to real-world adoption of his methods. He also teaches in various units in the Business Shool such as Strategic Transport Planning, Traffic and Mobility Management, and the Foundation (Transport) unit.

Mark’s research is focussed on the supply side of transport, with a focus on dynamic and static traffic assignment methods, traffic flow theory, and algorithm design, combining mathematically rigorous model formulations with practical applicability. He also has a keen interest in aggregation and decomposition methods in traffic assignment, especially in a multi-scale context. The main aim of this work is to develop transport planning models at various levels of detail for cities, regions and even countries in such a way that consistency is maintained, and model results can be readily adopted by policy makers.

Selected publications


Journal Articles

Bliemer M, and Raadsen M (2019) Continuous-time general link transmission model with simplified fanning, part I: Theory and link model formulation Transportation Research Part B, In Press. [More Information]

Bliemer M, and Raadsen M (2019) Static traffic assignment with residual queues and spillback Transportation Research Part B, In Press. [More Information]

Raadsen M, and Bliemer M (2019) Continuous-time general link transmission model with simplified fanning, Part II: Event-based algorithm for networks Transportation Research Part B. [More Information]

Raadsen M, and Bliemer M (2019) Steady-state link travel time methods: Formulation, derivation, classification, and unification Transportation Research Part B, 122, 167-191. [More Information]


Journal Article

Bliemer M, Raadsen M, Brederode L, Bell M, Wismans L, and Smith M (2017) Genetics of traffic assignment models for strategic transport planning Transport Reviews, 37 (1), 56-78. [More Information]


Journal Article

Raadsen M, Bliemer M, and Bell M (2016) An efficient and exact event-based algorithm for solving simplified first order dynamic network loading problems in continuous time Transportation Research Part B, 92 (Part B), 191-210. [More Information]


Journal Article

Bliemer M, Raadsen M, Smits E, Zhou B, and Bell M (2014) Quasi-dynamic traffic assignment with residual point queues incorporating a first order node model Transportation Research Part B, 68, 363-384. [More Information]

Recent Units Taught

  • ITLS5100 Transport and Infrastructure Foundations

  • ITLS5200 Quantitative Logistics and Transport

  • ITLS6102 Strategic Transport Planning

  • ITLS6105 Traffic and Mobility Management