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Mary Wyburn is a senior lecturer in the Discipline of Business Law at the University of Sydney Business School. Before coming to the Business School Mary worked as a solicitor with a commercial law firm and then as a legal officer with the Australian Copyright Council.  She has acted as a consultant to copyright industry organisations including those in the music and publishing fields. Mary teaches and researches in the areas of intellectual property law, in particular copyright as well as in insolvency law.

Research Interests

Mary researches in the areas on Intellectual Property Law and Insolvency Law.  Her latest research examines authorship issues in university research and freedom of information applications targeting university research.

Selected publications


Journal Article

Wyburn M (2017) Challenging Decisions about Funding for University Researchers in Court Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association, 10, 169-178.

Book Chapter

Wyburn M (2017) Intellectual Property Law & Disruptive Technology: Focusing on Copyright Law Digital Disruption: Impact on Business Models, Regulation & Financial Crime; Australian Scholarly Publishing, Mebourne, 1-13.


Journal Article

Wyburn M (2016) Research authorship in higher education in Australia: a confusing mix of ethics codes, developed practices and intellectual property law European Intellectual Property Review, 38 (3), 140-153.

Conference Proceedings

Wyburn M (2016) Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists: Back on the International Copyright Agenda Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business (MAALSB) 2016 Business Law & Society Conference; Mid-Atlantic Academy for Legal Studies in Business, Inc., Philadelphia, PA United States.

Wyburn M (2016) Increasing Legal Complexity for Higher Education Institution Researchers Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) Conference 2016: Advancing Better Government Sustainable Economies Vibrant Communities; Australasian Law Teachers Association, Acton ACT, Australia.


Book Chapter

Wyburn M (2015) Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialisation of Research in Higher Education Higher Education and the Law; The Federation Press, Sydney, Australia, 228-238.


Journal Article

Wyburn M (2014) Debt Agreements for Consumers under Bankruptcy Law in Australia and Developing International Principles and Standards for Personal Insolvency International Insolvency Review, 23 (2), 101-121. [More Information]


Journal Article

Wyburn M (2013) Inventions, arbitration and external administration: Accommodating conflicting principles in a commercial dispute over rights to technology Insolvency Law Journal, 21 (3), 159-175.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2012) Protecting the Works of Indigenous Artists under Copyright Law and at its Borders Australian Law Journal, 86 (12), 829-841.

Wyburn M (2012) Debt Agreements under Australian Bankruptcy Law: A Successful Experiment? Insolvency Law Journal, 20 (3), 158-178.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2011) Chasing a Franchisee Evading Post-termination Obligations through Corporate Entities under External Administration Intellectual Property Forum, 84, 51-58.

Wyburn M (2011) iiNet Appeal and Beyond Copyright Reporter, 29 (1 & 2), 11-27.

Wyburn M (2011) Third Party Intervention in the iiNet Litigation in Australia International Journal of Internet Law, 14 (10), 21-29.

Wyburn M (2011) Attempts to Jettison the Intellectual Property Creator Using Corporate Structures and External Administration Journal of Business Law, 4, 390-406.

Book Chapter

Wyburn M (2011) Copyright and Ethical Issues in Emerging Models for the Digital Media Reporting of Sports News in Australia ICT Ethics and Security in the 21st Century: New Developments and Applications; Information Science Reference, United States, 66-85. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2010) The New Resale Royalty Right in Australia: Is the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 the Legislation we Expected and will it Work? International Journal of the Arts in Society, 5 (1), 77-87.

Wyburn M (2010) Pooling as a Response to the Competing Interests in Corporate Group Collapse in Australia International Insolvency Review, 19 (1), 65-97. [More Information]

Wyburn M (2010) Interveners in Copyright Litigation - A Rebuff for the Internet Industry Association in the iiNet Litigation Intellectual Property Forum, 81 (June 2010), 20-28.

Wyburn M (2010) UWA's Microspheres Litigation: Far From the Ideal of 'Incentives, Harmony and Certainty' Coexisting in Commercialised University Research International Journal of Law and Education, 15 (2), 29-57.

Conference Proceeding

Wyburn M (2010) Intellectual Property, Cultural Issues and Codes of Conduct in the Market for Australian Indigenous Artworks European Applied Business Research Conference (EABR 2010) and European College Teaching & Learning Conference (ETLC 2010); Clute Institute for Academic Research, USA.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2009) The Confusion in Defining Plagiarism in Legal Education and Legal Practice in Australia Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education, 7 (1), 37-63. [More Information]

Wyburn M (2009) Australian Education and the Operation of Insolvency Law Australian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education, 14 (2), 81-103.

Conference Proceeding

Wyburn M (2009) Ambush Marketing and Resale Royalty: Reports from the Boundaries of Intellectual Property Law in Australia European Applied Business Research Conference (EABR) and The College Teaching & Learning Conference (TLC); Clute Institute for Academic Research, United States.


Journal Article

Wyburn M (2008) Disclosure of Prior Student Academic Misconduct in Admission to Legal Practice: Lessons for Universities and the Courts Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal, 8 (2), 314-341.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2007) The breakdown of a joint venture and the implied copyright licence to use plans submitted for development approval: Concrete Pty Ltd v Parramatta Design & Developments Pty Ltd Copyright Reporter, 25 (2), 64-78.

Wyburn M (2007) Unravelling Rights in Insolvency when Ownership and Licensing of Intellectual Property is Split: Prismex Technologies Pty Ltd v Keller Industries Pty Ltd I-News, 2 (1), 4-8.

Wyburn M (2007) The "Wrong Side" of the Line between Ideas and Protected Expression: The Da Vinci Code Appeal Entertainment Law Review, 18 (6), 214-218.

Wyburn M (2007) Literary Artists, Historical Researchers and the History Commons: Conflicting Expectations of Use and Attribution in the Da Vinci Code Case International Journal of the Arts in Society, 1 (3), 9-13.

Wyburn M (2007) Acquiring Patent Rights when the Patent Licensee is in Liquidation Insolvency Law Journal, 15 (1), 61-63.

Wyburn M (2007) Giving Credit Where it is Due: The Da Vinci Code Litigation: Part 1 Entertainment Law Review, 18 (3), 96-102.

Wyburn M (2007) An Amicus Addendum to the Kazaa Case: Sharman Networks v Universal Music Copyright Reporter, 25 (1), 21-25.

Wyburn M (2007) Giving Credit Where it is Due: The Da Vinci Code Litigation: Part 2 Entertainment Law Review, 18 (4), 131-134.

Wyburn M (2007) Conflicts of Ownership and Commercialisation in the Research of University Academics in Australia: Victoria University's IP3 Litigation Australian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education, 12 (1), 85-96.

Conference Proceeding

Ip M, and Wyburn M (2007) The New Chinese Bankruptcy Law - Creditor Friendly? The 10th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development (2007); The Centre for International Business, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, USA.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2006) Higher education and fair use: A wider copyright defence in the face of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement changes Australian Intellectual Property Journal, 17 (3), 181-209.

Wyburn M (2006) Choosing your friends wisely: The amicus curiae in key copyright cases and its potential to affect copyright policy Copyright Reporter, 24 (1 & 2), 124-146.

Wyburn M, and MacPhail J (2006) The Intersection of Copyright and Plagiarism and the Monitoring of Student Work by Educational Institutions Australian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education, 11 (2), 73-92.


Book Chapter

Wyburn M (2005) Intellectual Property Business Law of Australia; LexisNexis Butterworths, 375-428.


Conference Proceeding

Wyburn M, and Kamvounias P (2004) From photocopying to online communication of copyright material by educational institutions: is the Copyright Act ready this time around? Australia and New Zealand Education Law Association (ANZELA) Conference.


Journal Articles

Wyburn M (2003) Review: The Three Step Test Copyright World, 129, 20-21.

Wyburn M (2003) Review: Are Economic Debates About Copyright Flawed? Copyright World, 132, 13.

Wyburn M (2003) Copyright's 'Unfinished Business' Copyright Reporter, 21 (1), 11-23.

Recent Units Taught

  • CLAW2202 Business Failure and Restructuring

  • CLAW2209 Intellectual Property for Business

  • CLAW6002 Corporate Structures in Practice