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Photo of Quintin Rares

Quintin Rares

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
+61 2 9351 4419

Quintin is the Unit of Study Co-ordinator of business negotiations at the University of Sydney Business School. Has has taught at the University of Sydney since 2009.

He was formerly a lecturer in Evidence Law at the University of Sydney Law School and has been a part of the teaching team of seven different courses at the University, at both the postgraduate and undergraduate level in the Law School and Business School.

He has received seven teaching citations and the Business School’s highest award for teaching, the Wayne Lonergan Award for Outstanding Teaching.

He has studied at Sydney University, Stanford University (USA), Zhejiang University (China), the East China University of Politics and Law (China), Ritsumeikan University (Japan), Ottawa University (Canada) and Art Academy University (USA). At Sydney University, he came first in eleven courses across his law and commerce degrees, including his four thesis units of study, qualifying for Honours in both degrees.

Quintin pursues an interdisciplinary focus in both his teaching and research, and has written on, inter alia, business strategy, law, psychology and history. He has developed the world's first interactive digital textbook to cover an entire university course.

He has worked in law firms in China, Canada and Australia. He has also worked in business and for the Australian Government. He is now a barrister (lawyer) - 7th Floor Wentworth Selborne Chambers.

Recent Units Taught

  • IBUS3107 Business Negotiations

  • IBUS6018 Business Negotiations

  • SMBA6105 Business Negotiations and Decision Making