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Ray Markey

Honorary Professor

Professor Ray Markey joined Macquarie University at the end of 2011 as Professor of Employment Relations and Director of the new Centre for Workforce Futures. He had previously spent almost seven years as Professor of Employment Relations at the Auckland University of Technology Business School (2005-11), and was Foundation Director of the New Zealand Work and Labour Market Institute (2006-11) as well as Associate Dean Research (2006-9). Prior to that he was Convenor of the Industrial Relations Programme at the University of Wollongong from 1979 to 2005, where he also established and led the Centre for Work and Labour Market Studies.

Originally a graduate of the University of Sydney, Professor Markey gained his doctorate in labour history from the University of Wollongong in 1984. Professor Markey has written extensively on labour parties, trade unions and other forms of employee voice, peak union bodies, workplace industrial relations, and racism and the labour market. He has published over 120 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters, as well as 14 books authored or edited by himself or with colleagues. Half of Professor Markey's journal articles are published in prestigious A* or A ranked journals. Professor Markey's research endeavours have made him the recipient of numerous research awards in the past 10 years. He has also been the recipient of a number of grants from the International Labour Organisation, the Australian Research Council, the (then) Australian Department of Industrial Relations, the New Zealand Department of Labour, Unions NSW, the Royal Society of New Zealand, the Australia Council, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and New South Wales state government agencies.

Professor Markey has extensive experience in workplace research in Australia and New Zealand, and has led national and international research teams in empoloyee voice or participation, occupational health and safety, work/life and work/family balance, and the interface between productivity and employee well-being. He also maintains a strong output in Australian, New Zealand and comparative labour history. Professor Markey also led a major project on Climate Change, Work and Employment, examining the way in which employers and employees are responding to the need to reduce carbon emissions in the workplace, funded by the (then) Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

Professor Markey chairs the Workers' Participation Study Group of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA). He recently redesigned the methodology for the ILO's triennial international survey on the impact of the ILO Multinational Enterprise Declaration of 1977 on industrial relations in MNEs, and led an international team in piloting the new methodology for Argentina and Ghana as well as the oil and gas sector.