Shengda Zhu

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M.Sc., GU, Sweden; B.Ec., CFAU, China
PhD Candidate

Research Centre
H69 - Codrington Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia


Mr. Shengda Zhu holds a Master of Science degree in Logistics and Transport Management from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Shengda's Master thesis focused on rail cargo wagon and related operation costs. He and his co-author designed an index to evaluate cargo wagon's performance. Shengda is mainly interested in the aviation and maritime industries. He also pays close attention to rail and intermodal transport. Shengda started his Mphil study in Sydney in July, 2016. His Mphil and subsequent PhD study will be supervised by primary supervisor Xiaowen Fu and Associate Supervisor Michael Bell.

Thesis working title

Vertical Integration in the Maritime Industry—Container Shipping Companies' Investments in Ports and Terminals

Container shipping lines are increasingly involved in terminal operation. Such vertical arrangement is thought to be double-edge. It can benefit stakeholders by strengthening carrier’s control over the transport chain, securing port throughput, lowering financial risk, etc. but there are also concerns on shipping line’s monopoly power which undermines social welfare. However, theoretical research of vertical arrangement in liner shipping industry is limited. According to research in economics and industrial organisation, vertical arrangement’s effect is largely dependent on market structure and specific industrial characteristics, and therefore, it is important to take factors in liner shipping industry into consideration and give theoretical foundation to decision makers. This study will model shipping line's investment in port capacity—for example, construct a new terminal—which is a common practice and check its effects on different aspects. To stay close to reality, characteristics in liner shipping industry will be included and their effects will be analysed.

Supervisors: Xiaowen Fu, Michael Bell

Selected publications


Journal Article

Zhu S, Fu X, Ng A, Luo M, and Ge Y (2018) The environmental costs and economic implications of container shipping on the Northern Sea Route Maritime Policy & Management, 45 (4), 456-477. [More Information]


Journal Article

Cullinane K, Bergqvist R, Cullinane S, Zhu S, and Wang L (2017) Improving the quality of Sweden's rail freight rolling stock: The use of date envelopment analysis in benchmarking and pricing Benchmarking, 24 (6), 1552-1570. [More Information]