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Photo of Suzanne Jamieson

Suzanne Jamieson

Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Suzanne Jamieson has taught at the University of Sydney since 1990 after a career as a senior public servant and a trade union official. For many years she represented the National Pay Equity Coalition in national wage cases before the former Australian Industrial Relations Commission and in the extensive litigation around equal pay for women in the New South Wales industrial jurisdiction. Her other principal research interest is in occupational health and safety, particularly as it affects women. Dr Jamieson was a staff elected Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate 1999-2005, sat on the Operations Review Committee of the Independent Commission Against Corruption until 2006, was a member of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board for ten years and is the Director of the University's Celtic Studies Foundation. She currently holds a large Australian Research Council Discovery Grant with two colleagues (Professor Ron McCallum and Associate Professor Toni Schofield) investigating the efficacy of OHS prosecutions in NSW and Victoria.