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BCom MBA Madr. PhD UOW
Associate Professor of Marketing

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The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

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Teresa's main research interests lie in two areas. The first is in children as consumers, of particular interest is the relationship between advertising and the digital marketing of food to children. The second area is culture and consumption where her interests lies in examining 'cultures of transition' such as consumption of/in childhood and migrant groups. Related areas of research include the socio-historical analyses of culture and consumption and the representation of family and food in advertising.

Teresa has published articles in Marketing Theory, European Journal of Marketing, Sociology, Journal of Marketing Management, Consumption Markets and Culture and others. She has presented papers at many international conferences and invited seminars. Her teaching interests lie in Consumer Behaviour, and Social Marketing.

Teresa is Co-Convenor of the Australian Food, Culture and Society Network and a Partner Investigator of Leverhulme International Research Network Grant Project: Discursive Families project.

Research Interests


Teresa’s research focuses on aspects of Children as Consumers including food marketing targeting young consumers, how young adults use social media to project 'healthy selves'. Using Consumer Culture Theory perspectives she also examines the changing nature of families and how they eat.

Her expertise in understanding how children and young people use and are influenced by digital marketing, and how they use digital platforms to interact with and influence their peers with regard to eating and consumption.


Teresa is a member of the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Modifications Committee. She co-leads the 'Businesses, Markets and the Social Context of Health' research node within the Charles Perkins Centre. Her overall research ties in with the National Research network of food researchers across 15 universities in Australia called the Australian Food, Society and Culture research network (which she is a founder member and currently co-leads).This brings together a multidisciplinary set of researchers who focus on food to build collaborative research.


Through her research she has long running, multi paper and grant partnership (Leverhulme grant 2011-2012; ‘Discursive families’; Collaborative Partnership Grant with the University of Edinburgh, 2017-2018) with academics at the University of Edinburgh, University of Lancaster, University of St. Gallen, and the also with the University of London, Royal Holloway These collaborations centre on children, family, food and the role of marketing in these spheres.

Her research on children, marketing and its influences (especially in food marketing) has resulted in original contributions published in The European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Theory; Journal of Marketing Management; International Journal of Consumer Studies; Young Consumers (Outstanding paper for 2015) and Sociology. This work helps in understanding how Digital marketing sources work to persuade the young consumer to consume in specific ways. The work has been incorporated into the Western Australian School curriculum in the Food Science and Technology area. Her work has been presented at several invited presentations, including as a speaker at the Rights of the Child Consumer' conference in Sydney (2015) in collaboration with the UN Human Rights Commissioner and the office of the National Commissioner for Children. This work has also resulted in an invitation as an expert in the area of child consumers, to review grant applications for the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).She has been a judge on the 'Name and Shame awards' (Cancer Council's naming and shaming of unethical food advertising). She is the Faculty representative on the Cancer Research Network and a founding member of the Steering Committee of the Food Systems Network (University of Sydney) and serves on the Editorial Board for Journal of Business Research, The Journal of Consumer Behaviour as well as Young Consumers. She is Co-guest editor on a special issue of the European Journal of Marketing on “Families and Food: Marketing, Consuming and Managing’.

She has supervised 3 PhD students (as primary supervisor) to successful completion (all in tenure track positions in prestigious Universities in the UK, Europe and the USA). She has completed two other students as associate supervisor. She currently supervises one PhD student. She has supervised six Honours students onto successful completion and into industry careers.

Selected publications


Journal Articles

Davis T, Hogg M, Marshall D, Petersen A, and Schneider T (2018) Guest editorial: Families and Food: Marketing, Consuming and Managing European Journal of Marketing, 52 (12), 2270-2272. [More Information]

Davis T, Hogg M, Marshall D, Petersen A, and Schneider T (2018) Intersectional research stories of responsibilising the family for food, feeding and health in the twenty-first century European Journal of Marketing, 52 (12), 2273-2288. [More Information]

Book Chapter

Davis T (2018) Understanding Children and Brand Relationships Online Brand Touchpoints; Nova Science Publishers, New York, 229-246.


Book Chapter

Francis J, and Davis T (2017) Sustainability and the Consumer-Citizen's Consumption Consciousness Sustainability and Management - An International Perspective; Routledge, Abingdon, 239-246.


Journal Article

Confos N, and Davis T (2016) Young Consumer-Brand Relationship Building Potential Using Digital Marketing European Journal of Marketing, 50 (11), 1993-2017. [More Information]

Book Chapters

Davis T (2016) Non-place The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology; Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc, USA.

Davis T, Marshall D, Hogg M, Schneider T, and Petersen A (2016) Consuming the family and the meal: Representations of the family meal in women's magazines over 60 years The Practice of the Meal: Food, Families and the Market Place; Routledge, Abingdon, 137-150. [More Information]


Journal Article

Francis J, and Davis T (2015) Adolescents' Sustainability Concerns and Reasons for not Consuming Sustainably International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39 (1), 43-50. [More Information]


Journal Articles

Davis T, and Francis J (2014) The young consumer-citizen: Nationhood and environmentalism in children's identity narratives Marketing Theory, 14 (4), 417-429. [More Information]

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Book Chapter

Marshall D, Hogg M, Davis T, Schneider T, and Petersen A (2014) Images of Motherhood: Food Advertising in Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1950-2010 Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption: The Making of Mothers in Contemporary Western Cultures; Routledge, London, 116-128. [More Information]


Journal Article

Todd Weaver S, Moschis G, and Davis T (2011) Antecedents of materialism and compulsive buying: A life course study in Australia Australasian Marketing Journal, 19 (4), 247-256. [More Information]


Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Davis T (2010) Methodological and Design Issues in Research with Children Understanding Children as Consumers; Sage Publications, United Kingdom, 61-78. [More Information]

Davis T, and Schneider T (2010) From Lamb’s Fry to Cereal: How Kelloggs Changed Australian Breakfast Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective; Pearsons Education, Harlow, UK, 376-381.


Journal Article

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Conference Proceedings

Davis T, and Schneider T (2007) Gastro-Anomie and the Diet Making Nexus: The Social Construction of Health Foods in the Australian Women’s Weekly over Half a Century European Association for Consumer Research Conference.

Davis T, and White L (2007) Children and Snack Foods: Is there a relationship between television viewing habits and nutritional knowledge and product choice? ACR-Asia Pacific 2006; Association for Consumer Research, Australia.

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Sutton-Brady C, Davis T, and Jung M (2007) Migration And The Changing Face Of Consumption In The Asia-Pacific: The Korean Migrant Experience In Australia 2007 Academy of Marketing Conference; Kingston Business School Kingston University UK, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Book Chapter

Davis T, and Schneider T (2007) Making Sense of Health Foods: A Historical Analysis of Food Advertising in the Australian Women's Weekly in the Three Post-war Decades Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Food Studies; McGraw Hill, Toronto Canada, 47-57.


Conference Proceedings

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Book Chapter

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Conference Proceedings

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Journal Article

Davis T, and Yip J (2004) Reconciling Christianity And Modernity: Australian Youth And Religion Advances in Consumer Research, 31, 113-117.

Book Chapter

Davis T (2004) The Secret Life Of Brands - Australian Children And Their Brands : Implications For Advertisers Content and Media Factors in Advertising; Het Spinhuis, Amsterdam, 115-126.


Journal Article

Davis T, and Gregory G (2003) Creating Diderot unities-quest for possible selves? Journal Of Consumer Marketing, 20 (1), 44-54. [More Information]

Conference Proceedings

Davis T (2003) Creolization or prodigalization? The many avatars of an Indo-Singaporean food consumptionscape Advances in Consumer Research; Association for Consumer Research, Atlanta, Georgia.

Davis T (2003) What a brand means to the child consumer: a thematic categorization task approach to choosing brand extensions The La Londe Seminar: 30th International Research Seminar in Marketing; University d''Aix-Marseille, France.

Selected grants


2017 - 2018

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  • MKTG6007 Consumer Behaviour

  • MKTG6204 Contemporary Consumer Insights

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