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Viktor Arvidsson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Viktor Arvidsson is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG), Discipline of Business Information Systems, the University of Sydney Business School. He received his PhD from Umeå University on a dissertation titled, “Digital transformation: the material roles of IT resources and their political uses.” It aimed to understand how change is contingent on the materiality which technology bring into situations. He expanded this view, as a postdoctorate at the University of Oslo, to include the multiplicity of developments that digitalization generates, in the project “From information silos to generative infrastructures.” Currently, his thinking centers on the meaning and making of time and opportune moments. His expertise lies in capturing the strategic implications of digital technology, as manifested (e.g.) in tactics whereby peripheral actors in organizations implement and use technology to accomplish change and upset forms of mastery which underscore established ways of being.

Viktor Arvidsson’s research focuses on how digital technology implicates the conditions and mechanisms for entrepreneurship, innovation, and change. Specifically, he examines the role digital infrastructure and platforms play in the digital disruption of society and organizations, by enabling and constraining actors within and without established organizations to promote strategic change from the periphery when new architecture, regimes, and regulations emerge. He has observed such processes in a number of settings including paper mills, municipalities, and healthcare systems. To tease out the role of digital technology in these settings, he uses a mix of grounded, process, narrative, historical, and practice-theory based analysis techniques. Currently, he is following in the steps of Heidegger and Parmenides to understand time as the fundamental condition for being as to theorize and reveal how a time for change comes about.