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Photo of Zheng Li

Zheng Li

BEng BUAA; MHRM Monash; MLM MPhil PhD Sydney
Honorary Professor

Dr. Zheng Li is Professor of Economics at the School of Economics and Finance, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Honorary Professor of ITLS, the University of Sydney Business School. Previous to this, Zheng worked at the University of Sydney Business School, as a Senior Research Fellow. Zheng’s research focuses on behavioural economics, transport economics and risk/uncertainty analysis. Zheng has published nearly 40 journal articles in the top transportation/logistics journals (e.g., Transportation Research Parts A, B, D and E, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Transportation Science, and Transport Reviews) and has presented papers at a number of international conferences. His research in discrete choice modelling with extensions to allow for risk and perceptual conditioning in willingness to pay studies in transportation was described by experts in the field of transport and behavioural economics as an exceptional contribution.

Zheng’s main research interest is the frontier interdiscipline of transport economics and behavioral economics. His research has built important components of decision making such as risk attitudes, beliefs and source preferences into the understanding of risky/ uncertain choices, by establishing behaviourally appealing frameworks based on advanced discrete choice modelling. Other research interests include demand analysis and forecasting, hedonic pricing analysis and big data application.